Patient Tracking & Flow

Flexible Electronic Solution to Collect Patient Flow Data

Patient Tracking & Flow

Flexible Electronic Solution to Collect Patient Flow Data

Savance Health Patient Tracking & Flow is a comprehensive and easy-to-use patient tracking software solution that helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve the effectiveness and efficiency of workflow processes and clinical procedures. Easily identify and eliminate bottlenecks for better patient throughput; decreased patient visit and wait times; and higher patient satisfaction ratings.

Anyone who has been a patient is likely familiar with the long wait times that come with the simplest of procedures. It is frustrating to wait a long time for something as simple as a blood draw, and this can have a negative effect on the overall patient experience.

Savance Health Patient Tracking & Flow software gets down to the heart of problems quickly and easily. It gives your healthcare organization all the necessary data to improve the flow of patients from the time they enter the facility until the time that they leave. Track patients as they move through each process, and determine the amount of time spent in each area. Easily collect the data you need to identify and remedy bottlenecks in workflows, clinical procedures, staff resources, and more. You’ll be alerted to areas in the system that are slow, clogged, or in some other way lacking the resources to keep up with patient flow.


  • Improve and automate patient flow data collection.
  • Easily identify and eliminate bottlenecks to improve workflow and patient satisfaction.
  • Optimize processes to reduce patient wait times and overall time investment.
  • Achieve better efficiency by eliminating time spent manually tracking down patients.
  • Automatically update patient statuses and other fields based on location.

How Does It Work?

Large Screen Display Showing Color-Coded Patient Statuses & Information

Real-Time Data for Time-Use Studies & Lean Projects

The key to effective management of any business is having the information you need to make tough and imperative decisions. To some extent, data collection is certainly possible by old-fashioned “hunt the documents” methods, but this is both time consuming and labor intensive. By the time you generate enough data to make a difference, the data is already outdated. Savance Health patient tracking software retrieves all the data you need in real-time, which means that time-use studies and lean projects can be implemented using REAL data.

Savance Health Patient Tracking & Flow comes with built-in reports for locating bottlenecks in patient flow; however, you have the flexibility to customize any report you need. Integration with optional 3rd party reporting tools is also available.

Add-On Options & Solutions to Extend Use

Based on your particular needs, Savance will put together a package consisting of our Patient Tracking & Flow software along with appropriate hardware. No matter your specific setup, patient information can be accessed in real-time through staff displays, PCs, or mobile devices. For a complete healthcare package, and further improvements to patient satisfaction, Savance Health Patient Tracking & Flow fully integrates with our Patient Self Check-In, Waiting Room Display, and Healthcare Staff Displays solutions.

Custom-Designed Healthcare Staff Display Showing Real-Time Status of Patients

Next Steps

Savance Health offers a free demo of all our healthcare solutions. Contact us today for more information about Savance Health Patient Tracking & Flow, or to sign up for a demo. We would also be happy to put together a custom solution that helps your healthcare business operate as smoothly as possible, based on your particular circumstances and needs.