Healthcare Staff Display

Custom-Designed Electronic Hospital Display for Staff or Patient Information

Healthcare Staff Display

Custom-Designed Electronic Hospital Display for Staff or Patient Information

Increase communication and visibility with a custom-designed electronic hospital display from Savance Health. These large display screens can be placed in staff areas and will display all current staff or patient information. Supports location monitoring access all the time, in real time.

The elimination of paperwork trails is innovative and time saving. By using a staff-facing large screen display board you have the ability to know where every doctor and staff member is at the hospital at any given time of the day and night. This information is critical in times where emergency care is needed. If a patient begins having unexpected difficulties, the doctor can be found immediately.

Many healthcare facilities also use a Healthcare Staff Display to display patient information. It’s a great way to increase visibility and communication, with the ultimate goal of providing excellent care and improving the patient experience.


  • Achieve at-a-glance status updates for staff and/or patients, in real-time
  • Improve tracking of interactions between healthcare staff and patients.
  • Enjoy better inter-departmental communication and workflow.
  • Enhance records for HIPAA compliance.

How Does It Work?

Large Screen Display Showing Color-Coded Patient Statuses & Information

Electronic Status Boards for Healthcare Staff

Savance Health can provide a separate electronic hospital display for every department. It allows for complete customization at the department level. Monitoring staff locations will help show trends in shortages and point to needed changes in procedure or process. Saving time is saving money. We’ll help you design the perfect display for your healthcare facility or individual departments. Our goal is to integrate the software in such a way that it gives you maximum value while meeting your needs.

There is a lot of available hardware that you can add to the system and make it a multi-function device. There are options for a check-in-check-out system, so that you tell at a glance if someone has already left the hospital. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff can easily update their location and status by using badge card readers, touch screen displays, and more.

Display Boards Showing Real-Time Patient Information

In addition to using a Healthcare Staff Display to show the statuses of staff, Savance display boards are also great for displaying patient statuses in real-time. Unlike our Waiting Room Displays, which are meant to show only a certain level information to patients and relatives, while hiding all identifying information for anyone but the patient or loved one, the staff-facing patient displays are often quite elaborate, and can display any type of information that is helpful to your organization. Fully customizable and with color coding options, the staff-facing patient displays help increase visibility, communication, and efficiency to ensure a greatly improved patient experience.

Custom-designed patient information and status display for staff use

Custom-Designed Staff Display Boards for Staff and/or Patient Information

Savance Health solutions are fully customizable and can be custom-branded to your organization.

Custom-Designed Healthcare Staff Display Showing Real-Time Status of Patients
Real-Time Staff Display for Home Healthcare Services
Patient Display for Staff Use

Add-On Options & Solutions to Extend Use

Based on your particular needs, Savance will put together a package consisting of our custom-designed Healthcare Staff Display along with appropriate hardware. Your staff display(s) can be used to track staff and/or patients. To improve the patient experience, also make sure to check out Patient Tracking & Flow, or our patient-facing solutions: Patient Self Check-In and Waiting Room Display.

Custom Patient Check-In Solution Designed for Tennova Health

Next Steps

Savance Health offers a free demo of all our healthcare solutions. Contact us today for more information about Savance Health Healthcare Staff Display, or to sign up for a demo. We would also be happy to put together a custom solution that helps your healthcare business operate as smoothly as possible, based on your particular circumstances and needs.